video and sound 03 - sound walk debief


Sound here.

What I learned

  • how to use zoom recorder, shotgun mic
  • how to edit sound use Adobe Audition
  • what is arc
  • how to do storytelling in a soundwalk
  • how to collaberate with teammates



We first recorded some sound from the floor, but they are pieces, ont a coherent part. And we record some sound from Washington Sqaure and subway station, but these parts seem not be used in our assignment since they are out of the building. And we came up a story of finding a secret room inside our building.

Then one of our team member switched section, and Zohreh joined us. Me and James explained what we did last week and discussed our new storyline. And we finally agree on a new story: someone walks inside building, being chased, then hear the sound of a clock and realize it was a dream. We what it mysterious and very tense.

Then we divided the story into 3 parts and edited them separately, because we want each one has a chance to practice editing. And I mixed our parts together.

What I might do differently

  • Give some hints at the beginning, let people know it is not just a plain day inside our buiding.
  • Give clear instructions and map, even a voice guide. Last time we didn’t realize it has to be a “real” soundwalk, I thought we just sit and listen.
  • Test the soundwalk before let people do it. Test whether the time is reasonable.
  • Test the volume using earphone. I edited with my speaker, and I never thought the volume might be a bit low in earphone, especially in noisy lobby.
  • Use other sounds, not only what we record. What a pity I didn’t know we could use that! I always what some melody to go through our soundwalk.
  • But I like our story anyway : )