Final Project Proposal

For the final project, I want to generate some creature-like structure, and add certain behavior to it.


Raven Kwok’s Algorithmic Menagerie.

Several years ago, I saw this work of Raven Kwok and I was immediately obssessed with it. The “polygon” looks alive and I even feel some sort of intimacy of it. From that time, I’ve always wanted to build some creatures of my own.


For this final, as I always like the idea of companion, I decide to build some “creatures” alive inside the space of the wall, and project it in an empty room. Thus the person who stay in this room and the creature will be the companion of each other. And I want it to be vivid, beautiful and interactive.

But one thing to notice is I don’t expect it to be a simulation of any knid of real creature. It doesn’t need to look like some creature. Rather, it could be cyberpunk, geometric and unreal. But somehow people can sense the aliveness of it.